Fawcett St

The Brief, for this previously unused garden in the heart of Chelsea, was to create a traditionally-styled courtyard garden that would link well with the kitchen. The garden should require relatively little ongoing garden maintenance and have good year-round structure and interest. Lighting was a priority so that the garden could be enjoyed on balmy summer nights and enjoyed from inside the house all year round.

The new garden, finished in November 2015, has been dug out to basement level to link with the new¬†kitchen and create an uninterrupted view of over 20 metres (60 feet) from the front facade of the house to the end of the garden. The photographs show the very young planting in its first Spring and then on into Summer. Olive trees planted in large terracotta pots, 60cm Ilex crenata balls and Evergreen Jasmine (repeated around the garden) provide¬†year round structure. Reclaimed London Stock bricks have been used for the retaining walls and riven York stone for the terrace. The planting is highlighted at night by up-lighters and the terrace is “washed” with inconspicuous down-lighting which is set into the walls at low level. Three “antique brass” wall lanterns, on and adjacent to the rear facade of the house, provide a warm glow immediately as you enter the garden. The Focal Point is a decorative Adam Finial and the benches, painted in light grey (matt), are inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement.